Meet The Zombz - Wreck

Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: brown
Age: 13

Hobbies: Reading, Science, Computers, Punk Rock music, video games,
Favorite music: Punk
Nicknames: Brainiac, Wrecking Ball, Half-a-head

Profile: Wreck, the brilliant scientist, inventor, engineer, and
technological genius, He is the least violent zombie, preferring to use technology and his intelligence to solve conflicts. Without a jaw he
usually communicates with his friends using a series of grunts and groans that they completely understand. When he chooses to speak though, he speaks naturally and what he says carries a lot of weight and is to the point.

Wreck is the brains behind the Zombz. His body is more decayed than his friends and he keeps losing his right arm but he more than makes up for his weaknesses with his intelligence and scientific know-how. His friends are extremely protective of him.

His loose arm and damaged leg make him very slow and clumsy. He has a difficult time keeping up with his pals and would rather stay behind the scenes working on his computer or tinkering with one of his many inventions.

Check him out in The Zombz web comic here:

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