Inflatable Costumes

Here are two quick concept drawings I did for some licensed inflatable costumes. The first is Luke Skywalker riding a Tauntaun for Star Wars and the second is Yoshi from Super Mario, The idea is that the one character is inflated with the inflated legs of the other character dangling over the sides while the person wearing the costume wears it around his/her waist giving the illusion that the wearer is riding the character. These were pretty fun to do, will post pics of the actually costumes when I get them


  1. i like the yoshi idea.. if u do make some pls let me know cuz im interested in buying one. cuz my kids n i are planning a mario theme next halloween =).

  2. Even if an inflatable possesses no macroscopic leaks, the gas inside will usually diffuse out of the inflatable, albeit at a much slower rate, until equilibrium is reached while using pressure outside the inflatable.