receptionists are the bane of the freelance illustrators existance

Is it just me? I understand that receptionists are an integral part of an organization, and I am glad that they are there because it shows that the company is fairly successful and big enough to employ them but I mean come on! Take pride in your job, get to know the people in your company and what they do.

When someone calls a design company or a company that has a design department and asks for the creative director shouldn't you know who that person is? I can't be the only person calling to talk to them can I? And why do they just transfer you directly with out any warning? I'm not calling to speak with them, just looking for their name to send them something Do you know how awkward it is to be transferred to someone when you're not expecting it?

All you receptionists out there, please learn from this post. Work with people calling to solicit work from your organization!

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  1. As a former receptionist and a current freelance illustrator, I understand completely.