Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photo Retouching

Here is a sampling of some photo retouching I did at work. I was given the "regular size" models and asked to modify them into "Plus Size" models. I was able to cannibalize body parts from other model shots and liquify here, scale and skew there. Always a fun project!

There are also two examples of World of Warcraft masks that I needed to colorize from photos of their molds for our annual catalog. Using images supplied to me by the licensor I was able to color both shots of the mask molds in to make them appear like the finished product.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Who are The Zombz?

The Zombz are characters I created. The story revolves around these three teenage zombies (D.K., Rot and Meat) who are brought back from the grave by an evil family of scientists. Still working out the story but I have a background I'm pretty happy with. I hope to eventually license them. I'm in the process of creating a style guide for them and their world. It's slow going because I work full time and need to also freelance. I'm usually torn between working on them and looking for freelance work. It's frustrating because afer years of cocepting various characters and ideas I finally found something I am happy with and willing to invest so much time in.

I met wth a licensing agent who seemed to really like the concept so that gave me a lot of motivation to move forward with it. I'll try to keep you updated on my progress.

The Zombz

The synopsis:

In 1986, three teenage boys in the suburban town of Apathyville suspect something is wrong in their quiet community. During their investigation, they find clues to an ancient evil, long hidden in the woods behind their homes but before they can alert the authorities to the truth they’ve uncovered, the three boys are involved in a freak accident and killed.

Twenty-five years later what appears to be an industrial accident awakens the three boys from their graves and they discover that they have returned from the dead as zombies; undead creatures with super human powers that cannot be killed or harmed. The three friends realize that now they are not only indestructible but each possesses different super abilities and mutations.

On returning to Apathyville, they find that the mysterious incident that brought them back from the dead has also affected many of Apathyville’s citizens as well. It is only then that they realize that what they were involved in, may not have been an accident after all but the beginnings of an all out war between the undead and the unsuspecting people of Apathyville and possibly the world.

Aided by the human, Eddie Riggs, a professional skateboarder and extreme sport junkie who befriends the Zombz after they save his life, the three friends vow to use their newfound powers and abilities to rid their town once and for all of the plague they uncovered twenty-five years earlier and save the world from an impending zombie apocalypse.